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TEKKERS                                    an O2 Think Big  project

'' The effort these guys go to helping our kids is amazing for my son to travel to see a top premier league game and get some coaching was fantastic and he was even on T.V. ''

Ajay's mum.........Margaretann

TEKKERS is a football related  project in conjunction with O2's Think Big.Tekkers teaches close soccer skills like freestyling,and engages with young people teaching them attitude and style, as its not team based it allows children to come along from any where to enhance their knowledge of the game, each six week block is followed by a trip to an English football game last block the 25 Young people visited NEWCASTLE V NORWICH the game was won by the    ''toon'' 6 -3 with the tekkers group being trained by Newcastle coaches, lunch at ST JAMES' Park and 8 being ball boys at the game our players made up the circle before the game.

AS it was a long trip our tekkers group travelled in style and comfort thanks to Bennetts coaches who allowed us to Hire the local junior team coach complete with TV reclinging seats and toilet. The coach had its fair share of admirers with many asking for a photo. It was a day of memories for our players and arrangements are underway to visit other teams south of the border.

Tekkers is a skill school and is different from team training giving players time to hone their close skills.  specialised equipement is used to enhance players skill and give them the edge.Due to popularity The sessions are Monday nights 6 - 7 pm for 6yrs till 8yrs then 7.15pm till 8pm ages 9yrs and above. All sessions are skill based with fun being the most important element.

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